Yoga Stretches for the Back, Hips, and Legs During Pregnancy  

Begin with gentle cat-cow stretches on your hands and knees, arching and rounding your back to relieve tension. 

Seated hip circles can help alleviate discomfort in the hips, promoting flexibility and comfort. 

Practice a modified child's pose by using props to support your belly, easing pressure on the lower back. 

 Gentle forward bends while seated or standing can stretch the back and hamstrings, enhancing flexibility.

Wall squats provide a safe way to engage the legs and hips, strengthening key muscles for pregnancy. 

Supported warrior poses help maintain balance and open the hips, providing relief for tight muscles. 

Incorporate pelvic tilts to strengthen the core muscles and alleviate lower back pain. 

Finish with a relaxing side-lying stretch, supporting your growing belly and promoting a sense of calm. 

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