When to walk for Best health ?  

Morning walks are beneficial for overall health, as they help kickstart your metabolism and boost energy levels. 

Aim for a brisk walk in the early morning to enjoy fresh air, which can enhance respiratory function and oxygenate your body. 

Walking before breakfast may aid in weight management by tapping into stored fat for energy, promoting fat loss. 

Late afternoon walks can be effective for stress relief, as they provide a break from work and help clear the mind. 

Walking after meals, especially dinner, aids digestion and regulates blood sugar levels, promoting better metabolic health. 

Consistent evening walks can improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation and reducing stress accumulated throughout the day. 

Choose a time that aligns with your circadian rhythm; for many, late afternoon to early evening may be optimal for performance. 

Ultimately, the best time to walk is the time that fits your schedule and allows for consistency, as regularity is key for long-term health benefits. 

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