What happens to the body if you eat dried fruits daily?  

 Eating dried fruits daily can contribute to increased fiber intake, aiding digestion and promoting bowel regularity.

The concentrated sugars in dried fruits may lead to higher calorie consumption, potentially impacting weight if not accounted for. 

The natural sugars and nutrients in dried fruits can provide a quick energy boost, making them a convenient snack option. 

Excessive consumption may contribute to higher sugar intake, potentially affecting blood sugar levels. 

Dried fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, supporting overall health and immune function. 

 The sticky texture of some dried fruits can pose a risk to dental health, potentially leading to cavities if not consumed mindfully.

The antioxidants in dried fruits may offer some protective benefits against oxidative stress and inflammation. 

Moderation is key to enjoying the health benefits of dried fruits without the potential drawbacks associated with excess sugar or calorie intake. 

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