Things Millennials Go Crazy For But Boomers Think Are A Waste Of Time 

Selfies galore, millennials capture every moment, but boomers see it as a self-indulgent craze, questioning the need for constant photos. 

Avocado toast trends high for millennials, while boomers recall a time when a simple piece of toast sufficed without the pricey green addition. 

Cryptocurrency investments thrill millennials, but boomers often dismiss it, preferring traditional financial systems over the volatility of digital currencies. 

Social media influencers hold sway for millennials, but boomers remain skeptical, finding it hard to trust the credibility of online personalities. 

Virtual reality gaming excites millennials, while boomers reminisce about simpler times when board games were the pinnacle of entertainment. 

The gig economy appeals to millennials' desire for flexibility, but boomers value job security and find the transient nature of gig work a waste. 

Subscription services for everything from streaming to meal kits delight millennials, but boomers may view them as unnecessary expenses. 

Memes and internet slang amuse millennials, but boomers find them confusing and lament the loss of proper language and communication. 

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