Things In Your Kitchen To Toss Immediately 

Expired condiments - Check the labels and discard any sauces or dressings that are past their expiration date. 

 Moldy produce - Inspect fruits and vegetables for signs of mold, and dispose of any spoiled items.

Stale spices - Spices lose their flavor over time, so toss any that have been sitting around for too long. 

Outdated pantry staples - Check the expiration dates on items like flour, baking powder, and canned goods, and discard any that are past their prime. 

Broken or chipped dishes - Remove any damaged plates, bowls, or cups from your kitchen to prevent accidents. 

Old sponges and dishcloths - Replace worn-out sponges and dishcloths to maintain a hygienic kitchen environment. 

Expired medications - If you keep medications in your kitchen, check for expiration dates and dispose of any that are no longer effective. 

Unused kitchen gadgets - Clear out clutter by getting rid of gadgets you never use, creating more space for essentials. 

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