The top 8 most popular summer vacation destinations in the US in 2023 

Hawaii's Tropical Paradise

Stunning beaches and volcanic landscapes. Diverse outdoor activities like snorkeling and hiking. Rich cultural experiences and delicious cuisine.

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios attractions. Sunshine state beaches and vibrant nightlife. Family-friendly and diverse entertainment options.

Florida's Theme Park Haven

Iconic destinations like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Beautiful beaches, national parks, and vibrant cities. Ideal for road trips and cultural exploration.

California's Coastal Charm

Broadway shows and iconic landmarks. World-class dining and shopping experiences. Cultural diversity and historic sites.

New York City's Urban Adventure

Scenic landscapes and outdoor adventures. Ski resorts and hiking trails. Tranquil mountain towns for relaxation.

Colorado's Mountain Retreats

Grand Canyon's breathtaking views. Unique desert landscapes and outdoor activities. Rich Native American heritage.

Arizona's Desert Delight

Glaciers, wildlife, and pristine nature. Ideal for eco-tourism and outdoor enthusiasts. Unique northern lights experiences.

Alaska's Wild Beauty

Charming small towns and wineries. Outdoor activities and historical sites. Southern hospitality and diverse cuisine.

Texas Hill Country Escape

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