Nutritionists say to avoid these 5 breakfast items.  

Skip sugary cereals loaded with added sugars and opt for whole-grain alternatives to avoid energy crashes and excess sugar intake. 

Avoid processed pastries like muffins and doughnuts, as they often contain unhealthy fats and high levels of refined sugars. 

Steer clear of sugary coffee drinks that can lead to a spike in energy followed by a crash, and choose black coffee or herbal tea instead. 

Skip high-calorie, sugary fruit juices and opt for whole fruits to benefit from fiber and essential nutrients. 

Avoid high-fat and calorie-laden bacon and sausage, opting for leaner protein sources like eggs or Greek yogurt. 

Say no to sugary yogurts, which can be packed with artificial sweeteners and opt for plain yogurt with added fruits for natural sweetness. 

Avoid white bread and opt for whole-grain alternatives to promote better digestion and sustained energy levels throughout the morning. 

Steer clear of high-sugar spreads like jam and jelly, choosing nut butter or avocado for a healthier and more satisfying breakfast option. 

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