How to Read People's Eyes: Secret Cues and Giveaways  

Pupils: Dilated pupils may indicate interest or attraction, while constricted pupils may suggest discomfort or disapproval. 

Blinking: Rapid blinking can signal nervousness or stress, while prolonged eye contact may convey confidence or sincerity. 

Direction: Gaze direction can reveal focus or distraction, with prolonged eye contact often reflecting engagement. 

Eye Movements: Rapid eye movements may indicate anxiety or uncertainty, while smooth and deliberate movements suggest attentiveness. 

Eyebrows: Raised eyebrows may express surprise or curiosity, while furrowed brows can indicate confusion or concern. 

Eye Contact: Avoidance of eye contact may suggest shyness or deception, while strong eye contact can convey confidence or assertiveness. 

Squinting: Squinting may signal skepticism or scrutiny, while wide-open eyes can convey excitement or openness. 

 Microexpressions: Brief, involuntary expressions can reveal true emotions, so pay attention to fleeting changes in eye expression for deeper insights.

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