Here are 6 post-meal mistakes that might delay weight loss  

Snacking mindlessly: Consuming extra calories through post-meal snacks can hinder weight loss progress. 

Overeating high-calorie desserts: Indulging in sugary treats after meals can contribute to excess calorie intake. 

Skipping water intake: Dehydration may be mistaken for hunger, leading to unnecessary post-meal snacking. 

Sedentary habits: Immediately lying down or sitting after meals can slow down digestion and metabolism. 

Ignoring portion control: Oversized portions can lead to overconsumption, hindering weight loss efforts. 

Consuming alcohol excessively: Excessive alcohol intake post-meal adds empty calories and impairs metabolism. 

Lack of fiber intake: A deficiency in fiber-rich foods may lead to slower digestion and increased hunger. 

 Late-night eating: Consuming meals too close to bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns and impact weight loss goals.

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