8 Things To Keep Out Of Your Kitchen 

Pesticides: Keep harmful pesticides out to ensure the safety of your food and overall well-being. 

Expired Products: Regularly check for and discard expired items to maintain freshness and prevent health risks. 

Clutter: Keep the kitchen clutter-free to create a more organized and efficient cooking space. 

Broken Appliances: Dispose of or repair broken appliances to avoid potential hazards and maintain a functional kitchen. 

Single-Use Plastics: Reduce environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastics and opting for sustainable alternatives. 

Outdated Spices: Regularly replace old spices to ensure your dishes are flavorful and safe for consumption. 

Dirty Sponges: Replace or sanitize sponges regularly to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in your kitchen. 

Unsafe Cookware: Check for damaged or non-food-grade cookware to maintain a healthy cooking environment. 

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