7 Things Boomers Say That Gen Z Find Unacceptable In 2024 

"Back in my day, we didn't have smartphones or social media, and we turned out just fine." 

"Why are you always on your devices? Go outside and play like we used to." 

"Job-hopping is irresponsible. Stick to one career and climb the corporate ladder." 

"You need to buy a house as soon as possible; renting is just throwing money away." 

"Cancel culture is ruining free speech. In my time, we could express opinions without fear." 

"Climate change is just a natural cycle. We didn't worry about it, and the Earth survived." 

"Participation trophies? In my day, you had to earn your recognition and learn to handle failure." 

"You should be grateful for a stable job, even if you're not passionate about it. Work isn't meant to be fun." 

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