7 Life Tips From Boomers That Totally Missed The Mark 

"Save all your money and buy a house early." - Ignoring skyrocketing housing costs and stagnant wages that make this advice unrealistic for many. 

"Stick with one job for your entire career." - Overlooking the importance of adaptability and diverse skill sets in today's dynamic job market. 

"Don't rely on technology; it's just a passing fad." - Disregarding the transformative impact of technology on communication, work, and daily life. 

"Follow societal norms; don't question authority." - Failing to recognize the value of critical thinking and the power of challenging outdated norms. 

"College is the only path to success." - Neglecting the myriad of alternative education and career paths that can lead to fulfillment and success. 

"Avoid credit cards; only use cash." - Overlooking the importance of building a responsible credit history for financial opportunities. 

 "Ignore mental health; tough it out." - Dismissing the significance of mental well-being and the importance of seeking help when needed.  

 "Retire as soon as possible." - Underestimating the benefits of staying active, engaged, and pursuing one's passions beyond traditional retirement age.

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