7 Kitchen Trends Southern Designers Predict Will Be Everywhere In 2024 

Warm, earthy tones will dominate kitchens in 2024, with designers favoring rich browns, deep greens, and warm terracotta accents. 

Sustainable and locally-sourced materials will take center stage, as Southern designers prioritize eco-friendly choices in kitchen design. 

Open shelving will continue to gain popularity, providing both functionality and a visually appealing way to display kitchenware. 

Smart technology integration will become a standard feature, with Southern kitchens embracing the convenience of connected appliances and automated systems. 

Mixing textures and finishes, such as combining matte and glossy surfaces, will add depth and interest to kitchen spaces. 

Statement lighting fixtures will make a bold impact, with designers opting for unique and artistic pieces to enhance the overall aesthetic. 

Multi-functional kitchen islands with built-in seating and storage solutions will be a key design element, maximizing both utility and style. 

Vintage and retro-inspired design elements will make a comeback, adding nostalgic charm to Southern kitchens in 2024. 

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