7 Kitchen Backsplash Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs 

Improper Planning: Failing to plan the backsplash layout can result in awkward tile cuts and an unbalanced look 

Ignoring Grout Selection: Overlooking grout color and type can impact the overall aesthetic and maintenance of the backsplash. 

Mismatched Styles: Choosing a backsplash that clashes with the kitchen's overall style can disrupt the cohesive design. 

Poor Lighting Consideration: Inadequate lighting can diminish the impact of the backsplash, so it's crucial to plan lighting accordingly. 

Neglecting Maintenance: Opting for hard-to-clean materials may lead to headaches down the road; choose practical options for easy upkeep. 

Not Considering Scale: Selecting tiles that are too small or large for the space can create visual distortions and affect the overall balance. 

Forgetting Functionality: Prioritize functionality over aesthetics alone; ensure the backsplash serves its purpose in protecting the walls. 

Skipping Samples: Failing to test samples in the actual kitchen setting may result in an unpleasant surprise once the backsplash is installed. 

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