7 Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Space Look Tiny 

Clutter Overload: Too many accessories and unnecessary items can overwhelm a space, making it feel cramped and smaller than it is. 

Dark Colors Dominance: Opting for dark hues on walls and furniture absorbs light, creating a visually constricted atmosphere instead of an open and airy one. 

Oversized Furniture: Large pieces in a small room can dwarf the space, making it appear tinier than it actually is. 

Inadequate Lighting: Poor lighting creates shadows, giving a closed-in feel; ample, well-distributed lighting is crucial for a spacious ambiance. 

Ignoring Vertical Space: Neglecting to use walls for storage or decor misses an opportunity to draw the eye upward and create the illusion of height. 

Overlooking Mirrors: Lack of mirrors denies the room reflective surfaces that bounce light and visually expand the area. 

Disregarding Scale: Improperly scaled decor, such as small rugs or tiny artwork, disrupts the balance and diminishes the perceived size of the room. 

 Excessive Patterns: Busy patterns can make a room feel cramped; a balanced mix of patterns and solids maintains harmony in a small space.

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