7 Boomer Toys That Would Never Pass Today’s Safety Checks 

Lawn Jarts, with their sharp metal tips, would be deemed too hazardous for today's safety standards. 

Clackers, the clicking ball-and-string toys, pose a choking hazard and risk of eye injuries, failing modern safety checks. 

Easy-Bake Ovens, known for their high temperatures, could be considered too dangerous for unsupervised use by children. 

Creepy Crawlers, a toy that involved hot liquid plastic, would likely be rejected due to the potential for burns and other injuries. 

Metal-tipped cap guns, once popular, would be scrutinized for the risk of eye injuries and misuse. 

Sky Dancers, with their unpredictable flight paths, might be deemed unsafe for potential collisions and injuries. 

 Water Wigglies, liquid-filled toys, could be rejected due to concerns about leaks and ingestion of harmful substances.

Toy xylophones with small detachable parts might fail safety checks for choking hazards, leading to stricter regulations. 

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