5 Exercises to Avoid in Your Ab Workouts Gym Experts Says  

Gym experts caution against the traditional sit-up, as it may strain the lower back and lead to discomfort. 

Skip the Russian twists, as the rotational motion can contribute to spinal issues and doesn't effectively target the core. 

Experts advise steering clear of weighted side bends, which can place unnecessary stress on the spine and lead to imbalances 

Crunches with feet anchored are discouraged, as they can strain the neck and may not be as beneficial as alternative exercises. 

Avoid the leg press machine for ab workouts, as it primarily targets the lower body and neglects the core muscles. 

Experts suggest steering away from excessive oblique exercises, as overdevelopment may lead to an imbalanced midsection. 

Sit-ups with straight legs are discouraged due to the increased risk of lower back strain and potential discomfort. 

Gym professionals advise against using momentum during ab exercises, emphasizing controlled movements for optimal results. 

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