10 CountrySpecific Stereotypes That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes  

French people always carry baguettes and wear berets – a stereotype that overlooks their diverse culture and modern lifestyles. 

Australians supposedly ride kangaroos to work, perpetuating an outdated and humorous image of life down under. 

Germans are often thought to be overly serious, disregarding their vibrant traditions and sense of humor. 

Canadians are stereotypically overly polite, overshadowing their rich cultural diversity and global contributions. 

Italians are commonly associated with wild hand gestures and excessive talking, neglecting the depth of their history and art. 

Russians are unfairly portrayed as stern and unapproachable, neglecting their warm hospitality and diverse traditions. 

Japanese people are often stereotyped as reserved and workaholic, ignoring their lively festivals and rich cultural heritage. 

Americans being labeled as ignorant or only interested in fast food overlooks their diverse interests and contributions to various fields. 

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