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Sugared Cranberries Recipe for a Taste Explosion

Sugared Cranberries Recipe for a Taste Explosion

Sugared Cranberries Recipe- These teeny-tiny gems are not only a delectable standalone treat, but they also make an excellent garnish for virtually any dessert you can think of. In addition to being deliciously sweet and sour, they are also addictively crunchy. Granulated sugar of the standard variety is what you need for this recipe; however, vanilla sugar is a wonderful addition if you have it.

Sugared Cranberries Recipe PREPARATION

Step 1

One cup of water and one cup of sugar, or 200 grams, should be combined in a pot. The sugar should be allowed to dissolve while the mixture is being cooked over medium-high heat until it reaches a simmer around the edges. Warm the syrup until it reaches room temperature.

Step 2

After the syrup has cooled, add the cranberries and incorporate them by stirring them. Whenever it is required, work in batches. After removing the cranberries from the syrup with a slotted spoon, carefully place them on a cooling rack that has been placed over a sheet pan so that they may drain. Wait forty-five minutes for the cranberries to dry out. This syrup can be used for making drinks or for making another batch of cranberries.

Step 3

The remaining 1½ cups or 250 grams of sugar should be poured into a shallow dish. Following this, the cranberries should be rolled in the sugar, one at a time, until they are completely covered. For up to three days, you can store them in an airtight container at room temperature after allowing them to completely dry out. After a few days, they can begin to become more pliable and shed a few tears. Prepare them into a sauce or a jam by cooking them down.

Sugared Cranberries Recipe INGREDIENTS

Yield:3 cups
  • cups/500 grams sugar
  • 3cups/285 grams fresh cranberries
Total Time
30 minutes, plus drying

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