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Low-calorie Snacks Packed With Protein for a Healthier You

Low-calorie Snacks Packed With Protein for a Healthier You

Low-calorie Snacks Packed With Protein: Here are ten of our favorite 100-calorie snacks that are packed with protein and perfect for weight loss, because snacking in between meals may be a powerful strategy. Incorporating nutritious snacks into your daily routine will help you consume more protein and fiber, which in turn protects you from being so hungry that you can’t control what you eat. For those who are trying to lose weight, there are a few things to bear in mind when picking out snacks.

Top 10 Low-calorie Snacks Packed With Protein

1. Eggs

hard boiled egg snack plate with cucumber

Six grams of protein and little more than 70 calories are provided by a single big egg. The versatility of eggs makes them a fantastic snack choice; they go well with a wide variety of dishes and can be cooked in a myriad of ways. Eggs are a great source of fat and protein. An excellent source of protein and fiber, when mixed with fruit, makes for a satisfying snack. For a complete 100-calorie snack while you’re on the move, try eating an egg with a handful of berries.

2. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt

A serving of plain, low-fat Greek yogurt (5.5 ounces) contains little less than 100 calories. This snack is among the most concentrated protein sources on our list with 16 grams of protein. In the same way that eggs may be mixed with both sweet and salty items to create a balanced snack, Greek yogurt is highly adaptable. Add some halved cherry tomatoes to your yogurt for a little extra fiber and to keep the calorie count down to 100. Adding a pinch of cinnamon and some fruit to your parfait will make it sweeter and add a few extra calories.

3. Tuna

tuna can

In addition to being a great source of protein, tuna is also an excellent source of healthy fats like omega-3. A massive 20 grams of protein and 91 calories make up a 3.7-ounce serving of tuna. Chopped bell pepper, cucumber, and tuna, along with your favorite seasonings and mustard, makes for a 100-calorie homemade tuna salad. For a healthy and satisfying snack, try serving it in big lettuce leaves.

4. Beef Jerky

beef jerky

Jerky comes in a wide variety of flavors and textures, but one of the most common is beef. There are just over 100 calories and about 10 grams of protein in just one ounce. There is a flavor option for any palate among the innumerable kinds. On your next road trip or travel day, stock up on jerky for a protein-packed snack that doesn’t require any preparation. To get the most out of your weight loss jerky purchases, try to find varieties with less salt and no added sugar.

5. Peanut Butter

peanut butter and peanuts

Just under 100 calories and nearly four grams of protein are packed into just one tablespoon of peanut butter. Even though it’s not the most protein-packed item here, peanut butter is a great source of plant-based protein, along with healthy fats and fiber. Additionally, eating mildly salted peanuts twice a day before meals resulted in weight loss, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to lose weight. To increase the fiber content of your food, try dipping celery or carrot sticks in peanut butter.

6. Cheese

grated mozzarella cheese in bowl

If you’re watching your calorie intake, part-skim mozzarella might be the way to go if you’re trying to get the most protein out of 100 calories. With only 85 calories in a third of a cup of shredded part-skim mozzarella, you can enjoy a sweet and salty snack with fruit. This filling choice is perfect for in-between meals because it has over six grams of protein.

7. Edamame


A 100-calorie serving of edamame has around 11 grams of protein, making it another plant-based source of protein on our list. In addition to being a satisfying snack, one serving has approximately five grams of fiber. Try some roasted soybeans for a quick snack or cook some pods and season with sea salt. Edamame is a fantastic choice for individuals seeking fiber-rich, low-carbohydrate diets.

8. Deli Meat

deli meats

Ham, turkey, and chicken are just a few of the sorts of deli meat that you can get. With 100 calories and around 16 grams of protein per serving, these are nutritionally comparable to one another. There are a number of ways to enjoy this 3.5-ounce serving, which is a particularly substantial snack. For a tasty twist, try wrapping your meat in a big lettuce leaf and sprinkling it with mustard. Another option is to cut back on the meat and pair it with some light string cheese for another 100-calorie snack that’s packed with protein.

9. Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese

The 3.5 oz serving of low-fat cottage cheese has 82 calories and is famous for its naturally salty flavor. Cottage cheese, like yogurt, goes well with both sweet and savory toppings. For a savory alternative, try a little avocado and tomato; for a little sweetness, go for cantaloupe. If you’re watching your sodium intake, you might want to seek for cottage cheese with less salt.

10. Milk

two glasses milk

Lastly, we have milk, which rounds up our list of 100-calorie snacks for weight reduction that are filled with protein. With only 80 calories and eight grams of protein, a low-prep snack made with one cup of nonfat milk is perfect for those busy mornings. A glass of milk is a great calorie-free source of protein, but you can also add a little powder to it for an extra protein punch. Because of the high sugar content in flavored milk, it’s best to stick with unflavored milk. If you’re trying to cut back on animal products, milk is a good choice because it’s portable and comes in 8-ounce containers, making it easy to grab for snacks on the go.

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