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14 Best Cool Down Exercises to Recover and Stretch After a Workout

14 Best Cool Down Exercises to Recover and Stretch After a Workout

Best Cool Down Exercises to Recover and Stretch After a Workout: We recommend starting cool-down activities after your workout. A fast cooling regimen including several exercises and stretches is vital for recovering from a rigorous workout. We’ll list the benefits of cool downs below.

1. Cat Cow

Good for: spine, neck, hips, abs, and back

How to do it: On all fours, place your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Inhale to enter “cow”: Arch your back and look up. Wait a bit. Exhale and enter “cat”: Round your back and push your hands into the ground. Let your shoulder blades separate and your head drop as you push. Hold briefly, then return to cat. Do as many cat cows as you want at your own pace.

2. Seated Twist

Good for: spine, lower back

How to do it: Sit with straight legs in front. Bend your right knee as you cross your right leg over your left to keep your right foot flat. Anchor your right hand behind you and sit tall. Breathe and raise your left arm. Exhale, arm over right thigh. Keep breathing and hold for your desired time. As you sink, deepen the stretch. Then swap sides.

3. Lower Back Rotational Stretch

Good for: lower back

How to do it: Face the ceiling while on your back. Start with knees up and feet flat. While keeping your shoulders on the ground, rotate your knees as far right as possible without lifting your shoulders. Switch after a few moments. Follow your own pace and repeat as many times as you want, but give both sides equal affection.

4. Behind-the-Back Forearm Grip Stretch

Good for: chest (pecs), shoulders

How to do it: Sit or stand comfortably. Push your shoulders down and away from your ears and pinch your shoulder blades. Grab each forearm (or elbow if you can) behind you and pull down. Hold for required time.

5. Up Dog

Good for: chest, shoulders, abs

How to do it: There are few ways into this stretch. Start with a down dog to stretch your hamstrings: From all fours, raise your butt and lower your heels, head through your arms. Inhale. Exhaling, lower your hips to the floor but don’t let them go all the way and look up. Let your feet touch the floor. Hold. Start on your stomach with elbows bent and hands by your waist to enter this pose. Lift your torso and press up. Allow the legs to rise and hold.

6. Plank to Scorpion Reach

Good for: shoulders, spine, hips

How to do it: Start in a straight-arm plank. Inhale and bring your right knee to your left wrist. Next, exhale and drive your right leg up and back behind you while dropping your head through your arms. Repeat on the left leg with as many slow, controlled reps as desired.

7.Child’s Pose

Good for: back, chest, shoulders

How to do it: Place your feet on the floor from a tabletop. Sink your butt to your heels and lay your chest on your thighs, inhaling and exhaling. Spread your arms in front of you. Hold and breathe.

8. Sumo Squat Stretch

Good for: groin and inner thigh muscles

How to do it: Place your feet wider than hip-distance apart. In a squat, place your elbows inside your thighs above your knees. Hold the knees apart.

9. Wrist Rolls

Good for: wrist muscles

How to do it: Hold hands in front of your chest. Roll your left hand over your right, then your right, in a circle. Roll this way for as long as you choose, then switch directions.

10. Overhead Shoulder Stretch

Good for: triceps, shoulders, back

How to do it: Inhale and raise both arms from standing. Bend your left arm behind you and grab it with your right. Pull that elbow down and exhale. Relax shoulders away from ears. Hold, breathe, then switch sides.

11. Standing Figure Four

Good for: hips, glutes, hamstrings

How to do it: Stand tall. Move your weight to your right leg and bend your right knee slightly. Put your left foot over your right knee. Sit with your torso slightly leaning forward until you are stretched. Hold and breathe. Repeat on other side. Try this one in front of a chair or table for balance assistance.

12. Lunge Stretch

Good for: hips, ankles, calves

How to do it: Move your left leg forward and right leg back from standing. Bend your left knee over your left ankle. Keep back leg straight. Let your hips fall till they expand. Hold. Switch sides.

13. Standing Forward Bend

Good for: hamstrings, calves

How to do it: Stand tall and inhale. Slowly bend and reach for your toes as you breath. Bend your knees slightly if your hamstrings are tight. Hold for required time.

14. Standing Quad Stretch

Good for: hips, quads

How to do it: As you stand, weight your left leg. Lift your right heel to your bum and hold the right foot’s top. Balance by raising your left arm and staring at a fixed place. Squeeze your right glutes to enhance the stretch and hold. Repeat on the other side.

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